Food | Spices | Tools | Techniques | Links | Home Spices    This page contains commentary on spices, liaisons, condiments, infused oils, compound butters and the like. 

The GeezerGourmet is into using prepared spice-, seasoning- and condiment-products in cooking. Not to be confused with the 60ís style of cooking, where adding a can of Campbellís mushroom soup to two scrawny unbrowned pork chops got me through grad school. 

Balsamic Vinegar
Curry in a Hurry
Feta Cheese
Fennel Pollen

Infused Oils and Spice Combinations
Patak's Original Tastes of India Condiments
Rendering  Fat
Soy Sauce by Ohara Hisakichi
Tried and True Hot Sauces

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